I have, at various times, sewn, knitted, embroidered, needlepointed and crocheted.  I love the feel of fiber in my hands.  Since 1995, quilting has been a growing passion.  It has been my focus since my retirement from the University of Washington at the end of 2005.

My mathematics background may have instructed my intrigue with geometrics.  In my quilts, I prefer symmetry, mandalas and spirals.  Sometimes I begin my designs with a traditional pattern; other times I may look to Islamic art forms for inspiration. 


The pattern for Fantastic is now available from Craftsy. Click here to connect to Craftsy.  Check out my blog for pictures of quilts made by others from the pattern.


My latest work, What I Want to Remember, is part of the Gala of the Unexpected and is on tour until 2018.


YoYo9: Pinwheel Evolution is the cover art for Satori, poems by Jack Remick, Coffeetown Press, May 2014.